Told entirely from a dog’s point of view with stunning skill. Allan Guthrie shows a sharp eye for aspects of misunderstanding between humans and dogs, and his marvelously enjoyable story puts the squeeze on the reader right from the start. The author doesn’t have to turn the dog into some pathetic pet to have it come across nothing short adorable: Hilda is the real deal, the Teflon tough version of a man’s best friend, and lives life through the nose. Throughout Hilda’s bittersweet adventure, the reader also finds himself spared a bungee-jump off the bridge of predictable noir formula: this story is a very clever, very different entrée to deeply dark matters, and keeps us persuaded that something bad is about to happen even with a cute, three-legged dog around. Hilda steals most of the attention simply by being hungry, and naïve. You want to applaud that perfect, tough-nosed dog and its gracefully succeeding creator. With three glowing bonus stories in the Kindle edition – what else could you ask for?


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